Monday, March 26, 2012

I know.. I know.. It's been a while...

I had the best of intentions to post more often. I always have so much to share. Bloggger does not always cooperate, and I guess I give up too easy. I will try harder. I promise.
Let's see... What have we been up to since I last posted?? Well, we talked about the adoption of Joe... Then there was that huge blessing that I referred to. It was a new house. Well, not new-new, but new to us. I thought I would miss my old house and cry every day. I was wrong. God was faithful. Our new house has been Home since day one. I do miss living so close to my mom and dad. That we all really do miss. But the new house is more than we could dream. Such a blessing straight from God. His provision and timing is always perfect. The hard part is waiting on Him. We still drive home every day and say, "I can't believe I live here." Not because of the grandeur but because of the provision of our precious Lord. He is always faithful. We have been here for several months and we are still so grateful. What a blessing to have a home that fits your family perfectly without having to adjust your budget. And God had even more blessings in store. The most recent of which is our decision to step - no, JUMP - out on faith and race to adopt precious Leon in addition to our sweet son, Joe. Well, how is that for a quick little "catch up" post??
Decision to adopt Joe - check.
New house - check.
Decision to adopt Leon - check.
Add in some holidays, some amazing family memories and some great kids and we are all caught up!

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